Hunger Stones and Megadroughts — sunshine hours

Hunger stones and Megadroughts “The drought in Central Europe has shrunk the rivers & exposed “hunger stones”, where people of the past recorded droughts & the famines they caused. One of the stones recently uncovered in the Elbe is carved with the words, “If you see me, weep.” ” h/t @PaulMMCooper It’s been worse … […] […]


9th Driest July on Record for Antigua, Droughts Continue — Dale Destin – Anu Met Service

July 2018 was the ninth driest on record for Antigua dating back to 1928. The last time we had a drier July was 2015, when we recorded our driest year in, at least, 145 years. The drought has reached severe levels, the lowest on our drought scale. Virtually all potable water is from the sea […]

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