Trump Condemns 10s of Millions to being Long-Term Refugees

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Dear Kevin,

There are over 25 million refugees in the world today. Yet this week, President Trump confirmed that the U.S will resettle no more than 30,000 refugees in the coming fiscal year.

This number is heartbreakingly low. Until very recently, the United States was the global leader in resettling the most vulnerable refugees. In a moment of dire need, we should be treating refugees with compassion, not turning them away.

Let’s show how strongly we believe that the U.S. should welcome thousands more refugees, as we did not long ago. Our potential new neighbors are “missing” from communities across the country, while we wait to welcome them.

It is time to take action, and we need your help to send a powerful message in a creative way to raise awareness of the real cost of this decision: the safety of the people who have been denied the chance to come to our country.

Download and print “Missing Neighbor” flyers and hang them in your neighborhood. Then post photos on social media using the #MissingNeighbors hashtag.

Refugees contribute in countless ways to better our communities, our economy, and our society. As American Jews, we know from our own history the importance of welcoming refugees.

Help us raise awareness that the U.S. refugee program is under attack and that we want our “missing neighbors” to find freedom and safety in our communities.

Thank you for taking action today,

Rebecca Kirzner
Director of Campaigns

P.S. No matter what, we will keep fighting for refugees, even when they are not here to advocate for themselves. With your support, we will continue to work for the rights and dignity of people seeking freedom and safety in the U.S. and around the globe. Please consider making a gift for refugees today.

Charitable Donations

African crisis and the worlds current natural disasters fund.



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